ABN 65009690519
Incorporated in Queensland
Growing for over 60 years
Guanaba, 4210 Queensland, Australia
Phone (617) 5676 6431
Email: Info@hartsnursery.com.au

History of Harts Nursery
Over 60 years ago Harts Nursery was started by Frank and Margaret Hart on land at Sunnybank in Brisbane, Queensland.

In 1974 the nursery relocated to a fertile 3 acre block in Rochedale which was then the centre of a rich market garden area and a few years later the adjacent block was purchased to accommodate the expansion of the nursery.

As the business constantly prospered and grew, another parcel of land across the road from the original nursery was added to Harts growing area.

Harts Nursery is owned and operated by Kerrie Hart, his wife Denise and his son Jonathan bringing in the third generation of Harts to provide top quality foliage plants.

Harts Nursery grow a large range of quality indoor, patio and new exotic outdoor plants. We constantly keep up with the latest new plants available around the world by importing stock from Sri Lanka, China, USA, Costa Rica and Europe and every 2 years travelling overseas.

Harts Nursery hold a number of Licensing agreements with different companies in Australia and Overseas, and are about to release a number of new plant lines exclusive to Harts Nursery into the Australian Market.

Over the years Harts have built a reputation within the industry for high quality indoor, patio and new exotic outdoor plants. Harts are also part of a promotional group within Australia called T.O.P.S. Tropical Ornamental Plant Supplies which specialise in sourcing and promoting new plant lines. This group has been operating for some 25 years.

In 2008 Harts Nursery purchased a 75 acre property in the Gold Coast hinterland 15 minutes off the M1. Earthworks started in early 2012 and completed mid year 2012. Harts have utilised all elements for the earthworks from the site resulting in no fill to be brought in or removed from the site.

The the first building which was erected on the new property in December 2012 was a 2700sq meter covered area.

As of November 2015 Harts Nursery is fully operational on their new property are looking foward to the future with new state of the art buildings and equipment.



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